Anderson Mesa

Anderson Mesa
Anderson Mesa is located in Arizona
Anderson Mesa
Anderson Mesa
Location in Arizona
Highest point
Elevation7,211 ft (2,198 m) NAVD 88[1]
Coordinates35°08′27″N 111°30′45″W / 35.14091775°N 111.512462403°W / 35.14091775; -111.512462403Coordinates: 35°08′27″N 111°30′45″W / 35.14091775°N 111.512462403°W / 35.14091775; -111.512462403[1]
LocationCoconino County, Arizona, US
Mountain typeMesa

Anderson Mesa (Navajo: Hosh Dikʼání[2]) is approximately five mesas long, located 20 miles southeast of Flagstaff, Arizona, United States, east of Lake Mary and north of Mormon Lake, in Coconino County.

This mesa landform, with an elevation between 6,200 and 7,200 feet (1,900 and 2,200 m),[3] has been the site of Lowell Observatory's Anderson Mesa Station since 1959. Because it is also very flat, it is also home to the Naval Observatory's Navy Precision Optical Interferometer, or "NPOI", since 1992.

It is also the inspiration for the 1996 Jimmy Eat World song of the same title.[4]

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