Al-Manar (magazine)

Cover of the second issue of al-Manar magazine, 1899.jpg
Cover of the second issue of al-Manar magazine, 1899
CategoriesIslamic magazine
Political magazine
FounderRashid Rida
Year founded1898
Final issue1935
Based inCairo

Al-Manār (Arabic: المنار‎; 'The Lighthouse'), was an Islamic magazine, written in Arabic, and was founded and published by Rashid Rida from 1898 until his death in 1935.[1][2] His goal in establishing the magazine was to articulate and disseminate reformist ideas and preserve the unity of the Muslim nation.[3] The magazine was based in Cairo, Egypt.[1][4] It was started as a weekly, but later its frequency was switched to monthly.[1]

Rashid Rida was the sole or-in-chief of the magazine.[2] Its content was heavily about the Quranic interpretations.[4] However, the magazine also featured articles on politics.[4]

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