Adhen, Ras Al Khaimah

Adhen is located in United Arab Emirates
Coordinates: 25°27′31″N 56°0′56″E / 25.45861°N 56.01556°E / 25.45861; 56.01556Coordinates: 25°27′31″N 56°0′56″E / 25.45861°N 56.01556°E / 25.45861; 56.01556
CountryUnited Arab Emirates
EmirateRas Al Khaimah
143 m (472 ft)

Adhen (Arabic: اذن‎) is the name of a town in Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates. It was formerly the location of the Desert Regiment and Mortar Troop of the Trucial Oman Scouts.[1] Traditionally, Adhen was home to members of the Mazari tribe.[2] In an area normally noted for its high levels of rainfall and fertility in the Winter and Spring, Adhen enjoyed record levels of rainfall in 2020 – according to local residents, the heaviest in 30 years.[3]


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