Abu Layla al-Muhalhel


Al-Zeir Abu Layla al-Muhalhel Adi ibn Rabia' (Arabic: الزير أبو ليلى المهلهل عدي بن ربيعة‎) whose real name was Adi bin Rabi'a, also called Al-Muhalhil (“he who finely weaves poems”) was a pre-Islamic poet, warrior and the leader of the Banu Taghlib in the famous

War of Basus. He died in 531 AD. He is the hero and main character of the famous 6th century Epic of Adi, revolving around the murder of his Brother Kulaib Bin Rabia.[1][2] this was before the pre-islamic time period

The Epic of Adi primarily revolves around his trauma as a result of his brother's loss, and the ensuing war of attrition known as Basus War. He is also the grandfather of the poet Amr ibn Kulthum through his second daughter.


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