Abu Ali Hasan

Abu 'Ali Hasan ibn Ali ibn Ja'far ibn Makula (Persian: ابو علی حسن بن علی بن جعفر بن ماکولا), better known simply as Abu Ali Hasan, was an Iranian statesman from the Makula family, who served as the vizier of Jalal al-Dawla from 1026 to 1031.

Abu Ali Hasan was born in 976/977. In 1026, he succeeded his cousin Abu Sa'd Abd al-Wahid as the vizier of the Buyid ruler Jalal al-Dawla. In 1030 he was given command of a fleet of 1300 ships in order to capture Basra from Abu Kalijar, but the expion was a disaster and ended in a complete defeat. He was then taken prisoner, but was soon released. He died the following year in Ahvaz in a family conflict. He was succeeded by his elder brother Abu'l-Qasim Hibatallah.


Preceded by Vizier of the Buyid amirate of Iraq
1026 – 1031
Succeeded by