Abd al-Muttalib (Ibn al-Walid)

Abd al-Muttalib ibn Muhammad (Arabic: عبدالمطلب بن محمد) was the fourteenth Tayyibi Isma'ili Dāʿī al-Muṭlaq in Yemen, from 1345 to his death in 1354.[1] He followed Ali Shams al-Din I, and was himself succeeded by Abbas ibn Muhammad.[1]


Syedna Abd al-Muttalib was the son of 12th Dai Muhammad ibn Hatim. His brother was the 15th Dai Abbas ibn Muhammad.


Syedna Abd al-Muttalib entrusted his brother Syedna Abbas with promoting education.

Shareef Ibrahim bin Abdullah, ruler of Sanaa sought to capture territories under the jurisdiction of Syedna Abd al-Muttalib but backed out. Henceforth relations remained cordial.


He died on 24 Rajab, 755 AH (August 8, 1354 AD). The grave of the Dāʿī along with those of the 16th and 17th Dāʿīs are at the hilltop Zimarmar Fort. The small square is grave of their maʾdhūn (senior deputy) Ahmad ibn Ali ibn Hanzala. On the hill top there still exist remains of a mosque, buildings and water reservoirs.



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Preceded by Dā'ī al-Mutlaq of Tayyibi Isma'ilism
1345–1354 CE
Succeeded by