6 3 knot

63 knot
Blue 6 3 Knot.png
Arf invariant1
Braid length6
Braid no.3
Bridge no.2
Crosscap no.3
Crossing no.6
Hyperbolic volume5.69302
Stick no.8
Unknotting no.1
Conway notation[2112]
A–B notation63
Dowker notation4, 8, 10, 2, 12, 6
Last /Next6271
alternating, hyperbolic, fibered, prime, fully amphichiral

In knot theory, the 63 knot is one of three prime knots with crossing number six, the others being the stevedore knot and the 62 knot. It is alternating, hyperbolic, and fully amphichiral. It can be written as the braid word



Like the figure-eight knot, the 63 knot is fully amphichiral. This means that the 63 knot is amphichiral,[2] meaning that it is indistinguishable from its own mirror image. In addition, it is also invertible, meaning that orienting the curve in either direction yields the same oriented knot.


The Alexander polynomial of the 63 knot is

Conway polynomial is

Jones polynomial is

and the Kauffman polynomial is


The 63 knot is a hyperbolic knot, with its complement having a volume of approximately 5.69302.


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