2018 Swan Islands earthquake

2018 Swan Islands earthquake
2018 Swan Islands earthquake is located in Central America
2018 Swan Islands earthquake
UTC time 2018-01-10 02:51:33
ISC event 611634051
Local date January 9, 2018 (2018-01-09)
Local time 08:51:31 PM CST
Magnitude 7.5 Mww
Depth 10 kilometres (6 mi)
Epicenter 17°28′08″N 83°31′12″W / 17.469°N 83.520°W / 17.469; -83.520Coordinates: 17°28′08″N 83°31′12″W / 17.469°N 83.520°W / 17.469; -83.520
Type Strike-slip
Areas affected Honduras
Max. intensity V (Moderate)
Casualties None
Shakemap of the earthquake

On 9 January 2018, at approximately 8:51 p.m. local time (02:51 10 January UTC), a magnitude 7.5 earthquake struck in the Yucatán Basin of the Caribbean Sea, 44 kilometres (27 mi) east of Great Swan Island off the coast of Honduras.[1] The earthquake was felt across Central America, and rattled windows in Tegucigalpa.[2]

Tsunami advisories were issued for certain areas by the U.S. Tsunami Warning Center. They were later cancelled after further monitoring.[3] No tsunami was generated since the earthquake was an almost pure strike-slip on a near vertical plane, producing little upward movement of the sea floor that would cause a large displacement of water.[4]


The earthquake occurred at a depth of around 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) on a transform fault zone known as the Swan Islands Transform Fault in the Cayman Trough, where it forms part of the boundary between the North American Plate and the Caribbean Plate.[1] The area just to the west also produced a large earthquake in 2009 that measured 7.3 on the moment magnitude scale.[5]

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