2010 Habikino shooting

2010 Habikino shooting
Habikino in Osaka Prefecture Ja.svg
Location of Habikino in Osaka
LocationIichan bar, Habikino, Osaka Prefecture, Japan
Date12 January 2010
20:00 JST (UTC+09:00)
Attack type
Mass shooting
Deaths4 (including the perpetrator)
Non-fatal injuries
PerpetratorYasuhisa Sugiura

The 2010 Habikino shooting was a deadly spree shooting which occurred at a drinking establishment located just south of Eganoshō Station in Habikino, Osaka Prefecture, Japan on 12 January 2010.

The attack was carried out by 49-year-old Yasuhisa Sugiura. Three people, including the gunman's mother-in-law, were shot dead before the perpetrator committed suicide.[2]

Shooting incidents such as these are rare in Japan.[3][4][5]

The perpetrator[]

Yasuhisa Sugiura, 49, was a government employee in Japan's second-largest city Osaka. According to police, he was involved in a "troubled marriage" with a 48-year-old woman.[6]


On 12 January 2010, Sugiura went to the Ii-chan bar to discuss a divorce with his mother-in-law, 66-year-old Yoshiko Tanaka, who would subsequently become one of his victims.[6][7] The bar was open for business and had other customers inside; Sugiura's wife was possibly one of them. Sugiura then departed. Sugiura came back armed with a rifle and opened fire at approximately 20:00 that evening, killing three people. Two of Sugiura's targets — the mother-in-law and a 23-year-old bar employee named Tatsuya Fukui — died immediately; a third, 49-year-old bar landlord Hiroto Uehara, died shortly thereafter.[7] Witnesses described the rifle shots as "three or four blunt bangs"; a pool of blood was left in front of the bar.[6]

Sugiura then exited the bar and shot himself in the abdomen, killing himself.[6]


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