2004 Antenna Awards

2004 Antenna Awards
Antenna Awards 2004 title card.jpg
2004 Antenna Awards title card
DateFebruary 28, 2004 (2004-02-28)
LocationStorey Hall, RMIT City Campus, Melbourne
Hosted byEsther Makris
Gary Mitchell
Most awardsRadio Karate (4)
Most nominationsRadio Karate (8)
Program of the YearPluck
Television/radio coverage
Runtime80 minutes
Produced byKristy Fuller
Directed byCraig Young

The 2004 Antenna Awards ceremony honoured the best in Australian community television in 2003, and took place on February 28, 2004, at Storey Hall, RMIT City Campus, Melbourne, beginning at 7:00 p.m. AEST.[1] The ceremony, the first of its kind in Australia, was announced on December 29, 2003.[2] Produced by Kristy Fuller and directed by Craig Young, the ceremony was hosted by Esther Makris and Gary Mitchell.[3]

Antennas were presented in 31 categories. Radio Karate won four awards, including Best Comedy Program and Best Editing, the most for the evening. Other winners include Dawn's Creek and Pluck with two awards, including Program of the Year for Pluck.[4][5]

The ceremony was televised live by Channel 31 Melbourne, Channel 31 Sydney, Briz 31 Brisbane, C31 Adelaide, and LINC TV Lismore, and on a one-week delay to Access 31 Perth.[2] On 19 March 2015, the ceremony was made available to stream on YouTube.[3]


Winners are listed first and highlighted in boldface.

Best Comedy Program
Best Drama Program
  • Yartz – "Filthy Pervert Seeks Same" – Ralph Mclean & Peter Hanrahan
    • Yartz – "Coffee"
    • Yartz – "Ripe"
    • Yartz – "White Bred"
Best Arts Program
  • Short Film Distillery – Adam Clarkson
  • Public Hangings – Andrew Mckenzie
    • Gallery Watch
    • Romanian Mosaic
    • Yartz
    • Young Originals 2003
Best Music Program
  • Music Pot – Richard Micallef
    • Chartbusting 80s
    • Asylum
    • Nu Country TV
    • SYN TV
    • Warp Factory
Best Variety Program
  • Living It Loud – Steve Williams
    • Dawn's Crack
    • G'Day Maltaussies
    • Raucous
    • S+M The Wine Show
    • Socialite
Best News/Current Affairs Program
  • Woomera 2002 – Anthony Snowden
  • Freeway – Desmond Mouti
    • C News
    • Newsline
    • Not In Our Name
    • Perth Talks To CTV
Best Interview Program
  • Fashion Police – Leila Koren
    • Books WA
    • Living It Loud
    • Nat Chat
    • Robina Courtin About
    • Stat
Best Sports Program
  • MXTV – Brendan Bell
    • End to End: Lawn Bowls in WA
    • Hold Ya Horses
    • Jack and the Greentalk
    • Let's Go Fishing
    • Skipper Trucks Baseball
Best Panel Program
  • Sweet And Sour – Lena Andel
    • Hold Ya Horses
    • Jack and the Greentalk
    • No Limits
    • The Reviewers
    • The Stayers
Best Live/Outside Broadcast Program
  • Geelong Carols In The Park – Peter Wood & Dean Gray (Videoworks)
    • Benefit Concert
    • Dawn's Crack
    • Frontiers at the Forum
    • Hungarian Community Song Festival
    • Southern Footy Show
Best Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Program
  • At Home with the Baccalas – Joe DeMartino
    • Aaj Kal
    • Pinoy TV
    • Qua e La with Tom Padula
    • Sound of the Perfume River
    • TV Sri Lanka
Best Faith Program
  • Robina Courtin About – Peter Lane
    • Breaking Barriers
    • Romanian Mosaic
    • The Young Buddhist
Best Sound
  • S+M The Wine Show – Michael Buckland
    • Briefcase
    • Dig & Dine with Denise
    • Fashionations
    • Warp Factory
    • Youth Scope
Best Camerawork
  • Radio Karate – Tim Bartley
    • Breakaway
    • Dig & Dine with Denise
    • Fashionations
    • S+M The Wine Show
    • St Kilda Baths - Sponsorship Announcement
Best Editing
  • Extreme WA – Jeffrey Williams
    • Cinema
    • Cooking Cleverly with Beverly
    • Radio Karate
    • S+M The Wine Show
    • Shoot!
Best Indigenous Program
  • Songlines In The City – "Christmas" – Peter Johnson
    • NAIDOC Day 2003
    • Gallery Watch "Coming Home"
    • Frontiers at the Forum
Best Children's Program
  • Playgroup In A Box – Yvonne Healy
    • Scouts Australia Campwest
    • SYN TV
Best Youth Program
  • Youth Scope – Anita Krsnik, Michael Zampogna & Simon Hydzik
    • Dawn's Crack
    • Pluck
    • SYN TV
    • Teenwire
    • The Vibe
Best Program for Senior Living Viewers
  • Time Of Your Life – Peter Haydock
    • Dig & Dine with Denise
    • End to End: Lawn Bowls in WA
    • Friday Night Live
    • Theatre Royal
    • The Garden Tap
Best Music Composition
  • Dawn's Crack – "Half Hour Shower" – Simon Barlow, Nick Barlow, Tim Beveridge & Matt Mckenzie
    • C31 Melbourne Station IDs
    • Playgroup In A Box
    • Raucous
    • Short Film Distillery
    • Who Wants to Survive Being a Popstar with the Weakest Mole?
Best Station ID
Best Program ID / Main Title / Promo
  • Radio Karate – Tim Bartley
    • Army Reserves
    • Cooking Cleverly with Beverly
    • Love on the Box
    • Short Film Distillery
    • Summer SYN TV
    • Treasure Hunt
Best Sponsorship Announcement
  • Manny's Music – Andrew Coyle & Rob Nairn
    • Boat Search
    • Jackie O
    • Merchandise Message
    • Renmark Homes
    • Sirens Restaurant
Best Program That Supports Local Metropolitan Communities
  • Eye on Perth – Andrew Round
    • Briefcase
    • C News
    • Copp This
    • Deaf TV
    • Le Chaim - To Life: Jewish Vision
Best Program That Supports Local Rural And Regional Communities
  • Balls N All
    • Mandurah Christmas Special
    • Playgroup In A Box
    • Western Stars Spectacular
Special Awards for Programs That Have Made Significant Contributions to the Diversity of Community Television
  • No Limits – Sarah Barton
  • Theories of Everything – David Tow
  • Vasili's Garden – Peter Deskes
    • Classical Catapult
    • Frontiers at the Forum
    • Melbourne Musos
    • My World
    • Nusantara TV
Best New Producer
  • Tim Bartley – Radio Karate
    • Alana Kornfeld – This Town Brisbane
    • Claire Butler & Josephine Sicilano – Raucous
    • Naomi Davis – Pluck
    • Ricki-Jane McArthur – Breakaway
    • Simon Hydzick – Teenwire
Best Female Presenter
  • Cheryle Wilson – Harvest Festival
    • Dewani Shebubaker – SYN TV
    • Denise DrysdaleDig & Dine with Denise
    • Emma Race – Dawn's Crack
    • Karen Gruner – Weekend Gardener
    • Sophia Hlinovsky – This Town Brisbane
    • Stella YoungNo Limits
Best Male Presenter
  • Jack Post & Alex Ford – SYN TV
    • Andy LeeRadio Karate
    • Jeff Jenkins – Chartbusting 80s
    • John Lewis – Gallery Watch
    • John McKenna – No Limits
    • Hamish BlakeRadio Karate
    • Scott McAnally – S+M The Wine Show
Producer of the Year
  • Shona Devlin – Dawn's Crack & Pluck
    • Andrew McKenzie – Public Hangings
    • Anneliese Morgan & Andrea Williams – The Rumpus Room
    • Steve Williams – Living It Loud
    • Tibor Meszaros – CTV Perth
    • Zoe Dennstein – S+M The Wine Show
Program of the Year
  • Pluck – Shona Devlin & Kristy Fuller
    • Living it Loud
    • Radio Karate
    • Raucous
    • Teenwire
    • The Rumpus Room
    • This Town Brisbane
    • Yartz

Programs with multiple nominations and awards[]

Presenters and performers[]

The following individuals presented awards or performed musical numbers.


Name(s) Role
Bryce Ives Master of Ceremonies
Joelene Crnogorac Announcer
Amy Parks
Carmen Petropulo
Tanja Nedel
Presenters of the awards for Best Comedy Program, Best Drama Program and Best Arts Program
Lena Andel
Kevin Jope
Presenters of the awards for Best Music Program, Best Variety Program and Best News/Current Affairs Program
Ryan Shelton
Andy Lee
Presenters of the awards for Best Interview Program, Best Sports Program and Best Panel Program
Andrew Brine Keynote speaker
Ting Cheng
Cher Zhong
Presenters of the awards for Best Live/Outside Broadcast Program, Best Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Program and Best Faith Program
Tom Padula
Tanveer Ahmed
Presenters of the awards for Best Sound, Best Camerawork and Best Editing
Tara Strong
Graeme Stephens
Presenters of the awards for Best Indigenous Program and Best Children's Program
Joy Hruby
John McKenna
Presenters of the awards for Best Youth Program and Best Program for Senior Living Viewers
Sudha Saimi
Vasili Kanidiadis
Presenters of the awards for Best Music Composition, Best Station ID and Best Program ID / Main Title / Promo
Julie Cvitan
Daniel Burt
Presenters of the awards for Best Sponsorship Announcement, Best Program That Supports Local Metropolitan Communities and Best Program That Supports Local Rural And Regional Communities
Amy Morrison
Joe DeMartino
Presenters of the Special Awards for Programs That Have Made Significant Contributions to the Diversity of Community Television and Best New Producer
Scott Brennan Presenter of the awards for Best Female Presenter and Best Male Presenter
Wayne Rogers
Simon Marshall
Presenter of the awards for Producer of the Year and Presenter of the Year


Name(s) Role Performed
Monica Weightman Band Performers "Lost Generation"
Sabrina Chou Dance Group Performers Cultural dance routine

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