1932 German football championship

1932 German championship
Deutsche Fußballmeisterschaft
Victoria Schalke-Museum.jpg
Replica of the Viktoria trophy
Dates8 May – 12 June
ChampionsBayern Munich
1st German title
Runners-upEintracht Frankfurt
Matches played15
Goals scored72 (4.8 per match)
Attendance292,000 (19,467 per match)
Top goal scorer(s)Karl Ehmer (7 goals)

The 1932 German football championship, the 25th ion of the competition, ended with the first national title for FC Bayern Munich. The title was won with a 2–0 over Eintracht Frankfurt. It was a replay of the Southern German championship final, in which Eintracht had defeated Bayern 2–0 on 24 April 1932.[1]

For both clubs it was their first appearance in the German final. While Bayern, the winner, never appeared in another one, Eintracht made up for the 1932 loss by winning the 1959 final.[2]

To qualify for the national championship, a team needed to win or finish runners-up in one of the seven regional championships. On top of those 14 clubs, the two strongest regions, West and South were allowed to send a third team each. In the West, this was the local cup winner while in the South, the third placed team of the championship received this place.

Qualified teams[]

The teams qualified through the regional championships:[3]

Club Qualified as
SV Hindenburg Allenstein Baltic champions
Viktoria Stolp Baltic runners-up
Beuthener SuSV South Eastern German champions
Breslauer SC 08 South Eastern German runners-up
Tennis Borussia Berlin Brandenburg champion
Minerva 93 Berlin Brandenburg runners-up
PSV Chemnitz Central German champions
Plauener SuBC Central German cup winner
Hamburger SV Northern German champions
Holstein Kiel Northern German runners-up
Schalke 04 Western German champions
Borussia Fulda Western German runners-up
VfL Benrath Western German Cup winner
Eintracht Frankfurt Southern German champions
FC Bayern Munich Southern German runners-up
1. FC Nürnberg Southern German 3rd placed team


Round of 16[]

Date Match Result Stadium
8 May 1932 1. FC Nürnberg Borussia Fulda 5–2 (2–0) Fürth, Platz am Ronhofer Weg
8 May 1932 Hamburger SV VfL Benrath 3–1 (1–0) Altona, Altonaer Stadion
8 May 1932 FC Bayern Munich Minerva 93 Berlin 4–2 (1–1) Munich, 1860-Heinrich-Zisch-Stadion
8 May 1932 FC Schalke 04 Plauener SuBC 5–4 aet (2–1, 4–4) Dortmund, Kampfbahn Rothe Erde
8 May 1932 Hindenburg Allenstein Eintracht Frankfurt 0–6 (0–4) Königsberg (Preußen), Platz des VfB
8 May 1932 Tennis Borussia Berlin Viktoria Stolp 3–0 (2–0) Berlin, Stadion Bahnhof Eichkamp
8 May 1932 Breslauer SC 08 Holstein Kiel 1–4 (0–2) Breslau, Sportpark Grüneiche
8 May 1932 PSV Chemnitz Beuthener SuSV 5–1 (3–0) Braunschweig, Preußen-Platz


Date Match Result Stadium
22 May 1932 FC Schalke 04 Hamburger SV 4–2 (2–1) Bochum, Stadion Castroper Straße
22 May 1932 Holstein Kiel 1. FC Nürnberg 0–4 (0–2) Hamburg, Sportplatz Hoheluft
22 May 1932 Eintracht Frankfurt Tennis Borussia Berlin 3–1 (1–1) Frankfurt am Main, Riederwaldstadion
22 May 1932 PSV Chemnitz FC Bayern Munich 2–3 (1–3) Leipzig, Platz von Wacker Leipzig


Date Match Result Stadium
29 May 1932 FC Bayern Munich 1. FC Nürnberg 2–0 (0–0) Mannheim, Mannheimer Stadion
29 May 1932 Eintracht Frankfurt FC Schalke 04 2–1 (1–1) Dresden, Stadion am Ostragehege


Bayern Munich2–0Eintracht Frankfurt
Städtisches Stadion, Nuremberg
Attendance: 55,000
Referee: Alfred Birlem (Berlin)

Top goalscorers[]

The top scorer of the competition:[4]

Name Club Goals
1st Karl Ehmer Eintracht Frankfurt 7
2nd Erwin Helmchen PSV Chemnitz 5
3rd Oskar Rohr FC Bayern Munich 5
4th Emil Rothardt FC Schalke 04 4
5th Georg Friedel 1. FC Nürnberg 3


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