1932-33 West Indian cricket season

This article describes the history of cricket in the West Indies from 1919 to 1945.

Inter-Colonial Tournament[]

The 1891-92 season had seen the first Inter-Colonial Tournament in the West Indies and these took place irregularly until the Second World War, winners in the inter-war period being:

After the war, there was no inter-country competition until the foundation of the Shell Shield in 1965, though the teams played occasional matches against each other in the intervening period.

English tours of the West Indies[]

Between the two World Wars, various English teams toured the West Indies. The 1929-30 team was the first to play Test cricket in the West Indies. West Indies was already capable of competing at the highest level with players like George Headley and Learie Constantine.

England 1925-26[]

LH Tennyson's XI 1926-27[]

LH Tennyson's XI 1927-28[]

Sir Julien Cahn's XI 1928-29[]

England 1929-30[]

Lord Tennyson's XI 1931-32[]

England 1934-35[]


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