14th New Brunswick Legislature

The 14th New Brunswick Legislative Assembly represented New Brunswick between January 28, 1847, and May 31, 1850.

The assembly sat at the pleasure of the Governor of New Brunswick William MacBean George Colebrooke. Edmund Walker Head became governor in April 1848.

In May 1848, the governor formed what has been described as the first "responsible government" in the province, bringing more balanced representation of the members of the assembly into the Executive Council and giving more decision-making power to the council.[1]

John Wesley Weldon was chosen as speaker for the house.

List of members[]

Electoral District Name
Saint John County John Jordan
John R. Partelow
William J. Ritchie
Robert D. Wilmot
York Lemuel A. Wilmot
Charles Fisher
James Taylor
Thomas Baillie
Westmorland Daniel Hanington
William Wilson
William Hazen Botsford
Amand Landry
Kings Sylvester Z. Earle
William McLeod
John C. Vail
Queens Hugh Johnston, Jr.
Thomas Gilbert
Charlotte James Brown
Robert Thomson
William Porter
James Boyd
Northumberland Alexander Rankin
John A. Street
William Carman
Martin Cranney
Sunbury George Hayward
Thomas O. Miles
Kent John Wesley Weldon
David Wark
Gloucester William End
Joseph Read
Carleton Charles Connell
James Tibbits
Restigouche John Montgomery
Andrew Barberie
Albert William H. Steeves
John Smith
Saint John City Robert L. Hazen
Isaac Woodward


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