14th Legislative Assembly of Ontario

The 14th Legislative Assembly of Ontario was in session from June 29, 1914, until September 23, 1919, just prior to the 1919 general election. The majority party was the Ontario Conservative Party led by Sir James P. Whitney.

William Howard Hearst became party leader and Premier after the death of James P. Whitney in September 1914.

David Jamieson served as speaker for the assembly.[1]

Riding Member Party
Addington William David Black Conservative
Algoma Albert Grigg Conservative
John Morrow Robb (1915) Conservative
Brant Thomas Scott Davidson Liberal
Brant South Joseph Henry Ham Liberal
Brockville Albert Edward Donovan Conservative
Bruce North William MacDonald Liberal
Bruce South Wellington David Cargill Conservative
Bruce West Charles Martin Bowman Liberal
Carleton Robert Herbert McElroy Conservative
Cochrane Malcolm Lang Liberal
Dufferin Charles Robert McKeown Conservative
Dundas James Pliny Whitney [nb 1] Conservative
Irwin Foster Hilliard (1914) Conservative
Durham East Josiah Johnston Preston Conservative
Durham West John Henry Devitt Conservative
Elgin East Charles Andrew Brower Conservative
Elgin West Findlay George MacDiarmid Conservative
Essex North Severin Ducharme Liberal
Essex South Lambert Peter Wigle Liberal
Fort William Charles William Jarvis Conservative
Frontenac Anthony McGuin Rankin Conservative
Glengarry Hugh Munro Liberal
Grenville George Howard Ferguson Conservative
Grey Centre Isaac Benson Lucas Conservative
Grey North Colin Stewart Cameron Conservative
Grey South David Jamieson Conservative
Haldimand William Jaques Conservative
Halton Alfred Westland Nixon Conservative
Hamilton East Allan Studholme Labour
Hamilton West John Strathearn Hendrie [nb 2] Conservative
John Allan (1914) Conservative
Hastings East Sandy Grant Conservative
Hastings North John Robert Cooke Conservative
Hastings West John Wesley Johnson Conservative
Huron Centre William Proudfoot Liberal
Huron North Armstrong Musgrove Conservative
Huron South Henry Eilber Conservative
Kenora Harold Arthur Clement Machin Conservative
Kent East Walter Renwick Ferguson Liberal
Kent West George William Sulman Conservative
Kingston Arthur Edward Ross Conservative
Lambton East John Burton Martyn Conservative
Lambton West William John Hanna Conservative
Lanark North Richard Franklin Preston Conservative
Lanark South Francis William Hall Conservative
Leeds John Robertson Dargavel Conservative
Lennox Thomas George Carscallen [nb 3] Conservative
Reginald Amherst Fowler (1918) Conservative
Lincoln Thomas A. Marshall Liberal
London Adam Beck Conservative
Manitoulin Robert Roswell Gamey [nb 3] Conservative
Beniah Bowman (1918) United Farmers
Middlesex East John McFarlane Conservative
Middlesex North John Grieve Liberal
Middlesex West John Campbell Elliott Liberal
Muskoka Samuel Henry Armstrong [nb 4] Conservative
George Walter Ecclestone (1916) Conservative
Niagara Falls George Musgrove Conservative
Nipissing Henri Morel Conservative
Norfolk North Thomas Robert Atkinson Liberal
Norfolk South Arthur Clarence Pratt Conservative
Northumberland East Samuel Greerson Nesbitt Conservative
Northumberland West Samuel Clarke Liberal
Ontario North William Henry Hoyle Conservative
John Wesley Widdifield (1919) United Farmers
Ontario South Charles Calder Conservative
Ottawa East Joseph Albert Pinard Liberal
Ottawa West George Charles Hurdman Liberal
Oxford North Newton Wesley Rowell [nb 5] Liberal
John Alexander Calder (1918) Liberal
Oxford South Victor Albert Sinclair Conservative
Parkdale William Herbert Price Conservative
Parry Sound Joseph Edgar Conservative
Peel James Robinson Fallis Conservative
William James Lowe (1916) Liberal
Perth North James Torrance Conservative
Francis Wellington Hay (1916) Liberal
Perth South John Benneweis Conservative
Peterborough East James Thompson Conservative
Peterborough West George Alexander Gillespie Liberal
Port Arthur Donald McDonald Hogarth Conservative
Prescott Gustave Évanturel Liberal
Prince Edward Nelson Parliament Liberal
Rainy River James Arthur Mathieu Conservative-Liberal
Renfrew North Edward Arunah Dunlop Conservative
Renfrew South Thomas William McGarry Conservative
Riverdale Joseph Russell Conservative
Russell Damase Racine Liberal
Sault Ste. Marie William Howard Hearst Conservative
Simcoe Centre Alfred Burke Thompson Conservative
Simcoe East James Irwin Hartt Conservative
Simcoe South Alexander Ferguson Conservative
Simcoe West James Stoddart Duff [nb 4] Conservative
William Torrance Allen (1917) Conservative
St. Catharines Elisha Jessop [nb 6] Conservative
Frederick Raymond Parnell (1919) Conservative
Stormont Robert Austin Shearer Conservative
Sturgeon Falls Zotique Mageau Liberal
Sudbury Charles McCrea Conservative
Timiskaming Thomas Magladery Conservative
Toronto Northeast - A Robert Allan Pyne [nb 7] Conservative
Henry John Cody (1918) Conservative
Toronto Northeast - B Mark Howard Irish Conservative
Toronto Northwest - A Thomas Crawford Conservative
Toronto Northwest - B William David McPherson Conservative
Toronto Southeast - A Edward William James Owens Conservative
Toronto Southeast - B Thomas Hook Conservative
Toronto Southwest - A James Joseph Foy [nb 4] Conservative
Herbert Hartley Dewart (1916) Liberal
Toronto Southwest - B George Horace Gooderham Conservative
Victoria North Robert Mercer Mason Conservative
Victoria South John Carew Conservative
Waterloo North Charles Henry Mills Conservative
Waterloo South Zachariah Adam Hall Conservative
Welland Donald Sharpe Conservative
Wellington East Udney Richardson Liberal
Wellington South Samuel Carter Liberal-Prohibitionist
Wellington West William Clarke Chambers Conservative
Wentworth North Arthur Frederick Rykert Conservative
Wentworth South James Thomas Hammill Regan Conservative
Windsor James Craig Tolmie Liberal
York East George Stewart Henry Conservative
York North Thomas Herbert Lennox Conservative
York West Forbes Godfrey Conservative


  1. ^ died in 1914
  2. ^ appointed Lieutenant Governor
  3. ^ a b died in 1917
  4. ^ a b c died in 1916
  5. ^ entered federal politics
  6. ^ died in 1918
  7. ^ resigned to accept appointment


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