127th Division (People's Republic of China)

127th Light Mechanized Infantry Division
Country China
Part of54th Army
Garrison/HQHenan, Luoyang
Nickname(s)Red Army Division

The 127th Light Mechanized Infantry Division is the primary maneuver element of the 82nd Group Army in the Central Theater Command.

The 127th Light Mobile Mechanized Infantry Division is one of the most famous and best-equipped PLA formations. Its three main regiments, the 371st, 379th, and 380th, are all Red Army Infantry Regiments. The 379th regiment is the famed Ye Ting independent regiment, a nationalist armored train unit that was once commanded by Dr Sun Yat-Sen, with Zhou Enlai as its political commissar during the 1911 Xinhai Revolution. The "Iron Army" title was an honor for its Armored Train roots. It also acted as vanguard in the battle to seize the Luding Bridge during the Long March.


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