10th (Nelson) Mounted Rifles

10th (Nelson) Mounted Rifles
Middle Eastern data form middle eastern studies web.png
Middle Eastern Theatre during the Great War
CountryNew Zealand
AllegianceNew Zealand Crown
BranchNew Zealand Army
RoleMounted Infantry
SizeOne Regiment
Part ofNew Zealand Mounted Rifles Brigade
Motto(s)Rem gero strenue (Fight with zeal)
EquipmentDaimler Dingo
M3 Stuart Light Tank
M3 Scout Car
Universal Carrier
EngagementsSecond Boer War
World War I
World War II

The 10th (Nelson) Mounted Rifles, previously known as the 1st Regiment, Nelson Mounted Rifles is a military unit based in Nelson, New Zealand. They served in the Middle Eastern theatre of World War I and first saw action during the Battle of Gallipoli. As a part of the larger New Zealand Mounted Rifles Brigade (of the ANZAC Mounted Division) they went on to serve in the Sinai and Palestine Campaign.[1][2]


Originally formed as the 1st Regiment, Nelson Mounted Rifles on 1 October 1901 with its headquarters in Nelson from the existing volunteer squadrons:[3]

First World War[]

The unit was renamed the 10th (Nelson) Mounted Rifles on 17 March 1911. They were mobilised during World War I as a squadron of the Canterbury Mounted Rifles Regiment.

Between the wars[]

In 1917 they were renamed the 10th (Nelson and Marlborough) Mounted Rifle Regiment and in 1921 became The Nelson-Marlborough Mounted Rifles.

Second World War[]

The regiment began mobilisation for war in 1941 as the cavalry regiment of 11th Brigade Group, 5th Division.[4] On 1 January 1942 it was renamed the 10th Light Armoured Fighting Vehicles Regiment (Nelson-Marlborough Mounted Rifles). On 29 March 1944, 10th Light Armoured Fighting Vehicles Regiment (Nelson-Marlborough Mounted Rifles) was absorbed into the 3rd Armoured Regiment.[1]

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