10 ruble Russian banknote

Ten rubles
Value10 Russian ruble
Width150 mm
Height65 mm
Security featuresShadow image
Material usedCotton
Years of printing1997-2009
Banknote 10 rubles 2004 front.jpg
DesignKommunalny Bridge across the Yenisey River and Paraskeva Pyatnitsa Chapel
Banknote 10 rubles 2004 back.jpg
DesignKrasnoyarsk Hydroelectric Station
Design date[1]

The Russian ten-ruble note was introduced in the 1998 Monetary reform, but was discontinued in 2010 due to inflation. The most prominent color is light-brown in the background. The design was changed in 2001 and in 2004.[1]


Current Issue[]

The first note was introduced in 1998. The front depicts the Kommunalny Bridge across the Yenisey River and Paraskeva Pyatnitsa Chapel in Krasnoyarsk, which is also the city in the background. On the back is the Krasnoyarsk Hydroelectric Station. [1]

2001 Redesign[]

On the 2001 redesign the main differences is under UV Light the "10" in the lower left corner will glow.[2]

2004 Redesign[]

The main differences are on the 2004 redesign are the randomly colored fibers distributed through the note. It was also added a see-through metallic thread on the back.[3]

Security features[]

Some of the security feature are there is a metallic thread on the back. There are two watermarks: on the left is a church steeple, on the right is the denomination "10". A black strip runs through the note, when looking at it from the back, the metallic thread should line up perfectly with the black strip when held up to the light. Next to the church on the bill is a banner when held up to the light it should match up perfectly to the other side, which has the same design. When tilted at a 45 degree angle the area around the church steeple should change color, also when you do it to the horizontal banner on the bottom the letters "PP" will appear. Under UV Light the threads and the up and down strip should glow.[4]

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