10 litu

Ten litų
Value10 litų
Width135 mm
Height65 mm
Security featuresWatermarks, microprinting, raised printing, a security thread, stripes, see through number.
Material usedCotton fibre
Years of printing1991 – 2015
LTL 10 obverse (2007 issue).png
DesignLithuanian heroes Steponas Darius and Stasys Girėnas
DesignerGiedrius Jonaitis
LTL 10 reverse (2007 issue).png
DesignAirplane Lituanica flying from North America to Europe
DesignerGiedrius Jonaitis[1]

The ten litų (Lithuanian pronunciation: ​[ˈlɪtu]) note (LTL 10) was the lowest value of Lithuanian banknotes and has been used since 1922 when Lithuania became independent from German forces after World War I.

The note measures 135x65mm,[1] just like all banknotes in Lithuania. The ten litų banknotes show the flight of airplane Lituanica by Steponas Darius and Stasys Girėnas.

Word litų is a genitive case of word litai, which is plural of litas. Plural genitive case is used with decimal numbers (10, 20, 50 and so on).


The first litas was introduced on October 2, 1922, replacing the ostmark and ostruble, both of which had been issued by the occupying German forces during World War I. 1 US dollar valued 10 litų. In 1941, litas disappeared for the first time. The litas was replaced by the Soviet ruble in April 1941 after Lithuania was annexed by the Soviet Union. Litas was issued again in 1992.

Banknote was released four times (in 1993 (twice), 1997, and 2001).


The ten litų note is at 136 millimeters (5.4 in) × 65 millimeters (2.5 in) with a dark blue color scheme.

Like all Lithuanian banknotes, the ten litų note shows famous people on the obverse and famous places or buildings on the reverse. Front side of the note portrays two Lithuanian aviators Steponas Darius and Stasys Girėnas. They are famous for their Lituanica flight. In 1933 pilots flew from New York City over the Atlantic Ocean to Kaunas. After successfully flying 6,411 km, however, it crashed, due to undetermined circumstances, 650 km from its destination. Both of the aviators died. The reverse of the banknote shows Lituanica flying over the Atlantic Ocean.

Also obverse has big number 10, the year of issue 2007, the signature of the Chairman of the Board of the Bank of Lithuania and the inscription LIETUVOS BANKO VALDYBOS PIRMININKAS (CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD OF THE BANK OF LITHUANIA) on the left of the portraits. Obverse doesn't have the coat of arms, but the reverse has it on the right corner.[1]

Security features[]

New notable security features of the banknote 2007

New notable security features of the banknote:[2]

  1. A strip printed in iridescent inks to the right of the portraits visible when the banknotes are tilted towards the light at an acute angle, with emerging inscription LTL 10.
  2. Latent numerals – the denomination numeral 10 printed twice on the iridescent strip, which becomes visible when tilting the banknote to the light at an acute angle.

Note the new 10 litas banknotes of 2007 issue do not have a microperforated numeral 10.

Other security features:[2]


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