10 Artillery Brigade

10 Artillery Brigade
SADF 10 Artillery Brigade emblem.jpg
10 Artillery Brigade
Country South Africa
Allegiance South Africa
Branch South African Army
TypeArtillery Brigade
Part ofSouth African Artillery Corps
Nickname(s)10 Art
  • G5 Howitzer
  • G2 Howitzer
  • 127mm Multiple Rocket Launcher
  • 120mm mortar
EngagementsSouth African Border War
OC Operation Excite/HiltiCommandant George Swanepoel
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10 Artillery Brigade beret badgeSADF 10 Artillery Brigade beret badge.jpg

10 Artillery Brigade was a South African Defence Force formation designed for mass artillery barrages, mainly for the 7th South African Infantry Division or 8th South African Armoured Division, as well as an ad hoc formation during Operation Prone, when needed and detached and reattached where required. Smaller components would then be used at the battlegroup level.


10 Artillery Brigade[1][2][3] was formed in Potchefstroom in 1983, when 4 Field Regiment[4] and 14 Field Regiment [5] were both incorporated as 4 Artillery Regiment and 14 Field Artillery Regiment. 4 Artillery Regiment was located to the old 14 Field Regiment base where the Brigade was established. It provided the base and training facilities as well as National Servicemen gunner training between each regiment on an annual basis.


The Brigade utilized the following equipment:

SADF 10 Artillery Brigade structure in Potchefstroom

South West Africa and Angola[]

Tactical Headquarters[]

10 Artillery Brigade[6] Tactical headquarters was an artillery formation created in 1988 to support the ad hoc formation of 10 SA Division which had been formed to counter the Cuban threat in south-western Angola in June 1988. It was composed of:

SADF 10 Artillery Brigade Tactical Structure Angola



10 Artillery Brigade became the basis for the South African Army Artillery Formation.

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