10 Armoured Squadron

10 Armoured Squadron
SADF 10 Armoured Squadron emblem.jpg
10 Armoured Squadron emblem
Active1982 -1985?
TypeArmoured Regiment
Part ofSouth African Armoured Corps
Army Conventional Reserve
Garrison/HQOshakati Sector 10 South West African Operation Area
EquipmentEland 90 armoured car
Battle honours
  • Operation Askari
First OCCaptain E van Jaarsveld
Beret ColourBlack
Armour Squadron emblemsSANDF Armour squadron emblems
Armour beret bar circa 1992SANDF Armour beret bar

10 Armoured Car Squadron was a contingent of the South African Armoured Corps posted in Sector 10, South West Africa, during the South African Border War.



10 Armoured Squadron's[1] home unit was 1 Special Service Battalion (1SSB), Bloemfontein. In addition to the personnel from 1 SSB or 2 SSB in South Africa, the Squadron also had a small contingent of infantry. These alternated with personnel from 2 SAI (Walvis Bay) to 7 SAI (Phalaborwa). These infantry soldiers were tasked with duties around Oshakati, such as manning check points at the gates.

Oshikati base[]

10 Armoured Squadron was housed in the Sector 10 Oshakati HQ compound at first, but by 1983 a purpose built base for 10 Armoured Squadron was completed and it subsequently moved in. The unit was based in the camp north-west of the white compound of Oshakati, but not part of the Sector HQ compound. It was surrounded by the familiar bulldozed soil walls. About all that could be seen of the 10 Armoured Squadron camp from the road was the steel hall building. Most of the troops seemed to be accommodated in tents. There were some brick buildings, which included a chaplain's work space and coffee bar. The senior officers had prefabricated offices.

Attack on Calueque Dam[]

The Cubans opened a second front on 27 June 1988 against the South Africans and launched a ground offensive in the direction of Calueque Dam in Southern Angola. The area to the north of the dam became the scene of fighting. MiG-23 aircraft attacked the facilities, bombing a bridge, sluice gates, a pump, a generator, and a pipeline to Ovamboland in three waves.[2] 7 soldiers from 8 SAI and 4 from 1 SSB/10 Armoured Squadron lost their lives in this engagement.[3]

Unit emblem[]

By 1984, a unit flash was worn.

External Operations[]

10 Armoured Squadron appears to have been involved in Operation Askari. 10 Armoured Squadron conducted escort duty for civilian movements in the operation area as well.[4]

Known Commanders[]

Squadron symbols[]


10 Armoured Squadron participated in a number of operations including :


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