City (Comma) State
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Background information
OriginLos Angeles, California, United States
GenresAlternative rock, pop punk
Years active2010-2011
Past membersJoanna Pacitti
Justin Siegel
Ryan "Frogs" McCormack
Jordan McGraw
Drew Langan
Mark Hoppus
Rob Leifer

City (Comma) State was an American rock band from Los Angeles, California. The band consisted of lead vocalist Joanna Pacitti, bassist Justin Siegel, guitarist Ryan "Frogs" McCormack, drummer Drew Langan, and guitarist Jordan McGraw. Blink-182 frontman Mark Hoppus worked closely with the group on their debut album and overall formation.

The band's name comes from the Strong Bad Email "independent".[1] Strong Bad chose it as a potential name for an indie film.


On January 4, 2010, Mark Hoppus first initiated talk of the band. He began posting via Twitter about a new musical endeavor, at the time entitled 10HRSattheMACHINE (read as "10 hours at the machine"). Although he was vague in detail, one of the first things posted was a short video clip of him recording guitar in the studio.

As speculation grew, another post let Mark's fans know that, "10HRSattheMACHINE is not blink-182 nor solo project. It's something I'm doing with friends while Tom finishes his album. Then blink-182!!"[2]

Throughout the course of 2010, details about the project could be pieced together by fans through various Twitter posts and articles.

On April 1, 2010, guitarist Justin Siegel posted a video on Twitter including a clip of the band's song "You Crush My Heart". The track featured lead vocals from Joanna Pacitti and backing vocals by Mark Hoppus. The track also featured a guest keyboardist, Ben Romans from the band The Click Five. The video became the first proper preview of the band's music released to the public.

On April 16, 2010, Mark Hoppus formally announced his involvement with the band in a MTV article. In the article, he stated that the band was going under the name Trousdale Press at the time and that members of the band All Time Low were assisting the group. He also revealed that the band was in the final stages of recording an album.[3]

The band underwent one final name-change to become City (Comma) State.

In a June 28, 2010 interview, Alex Gaskarth from the band All Time Low clarified his hand in the project. Songs that he had co-written with Mark Hoppus in the past were to be released by City (Comma) State.[4]

In late July 2010, the band revealed their logo on their Twitter account. Mysterious messages including rehearsal photos began getting posted in the same timeframe. The sudden activity suggested something was to be happening soon.[5]

On August 25, 2010, the band members were officially revealed and their debut song, "City of Dreams", was premiered on Absolute Punk. The song was penned by Frogs, Mark Hoppus, Joanna Pacitti, Alex Gaskarth, Justin Siegel.[6]

On August 27, 2010, another song, entitled "Sleazy Sex Robots", was premiered on PureVolume. The song was written by Chris Holmes, Joanna Pacitti, Mark Hoppus and Justin Siegel.[7]

On August 30, 2010, the dates for the All Time Low "My Small Package" tour were announced and City (Comma) State was listed as an opening act along with A Rocket To The Moon.

City (Comma) State, has since then, done various acoustic sessions, several interviews(including one with an Incredibly Green rep) and hinted at touring and recording plans.

On November 30, TCDC Media announced C(C)S's acoustic version of "All My Lies" was their most watched video. On December 5, 2010 City (Comma) State put their song "All My Lies" on their PureVolume, and all three of the songs on their PV were available for free download.

They have a song, Skin (backup vox by Mark Hoppus) that leaked, and have said that version of the song will NOT be on the record, Shady Lane. By the end of 2011, they hope to have two albums already released. For their next tour, Justin Siegel(drums on record, bassist on tour) states they will not be headlining their next tour, but opening, and they hope to release Shady Lane around January 2011.

On January 26, 2011, the song "This Night That Never Ends" was world premiered on Friends or Enemies Radio.

On May 18, 2011 during an interview on The Gunz Show, City (comma) State officially announced they had broken up.[8]


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