100th Regiment of Foot (Loyal Lincolnshire Regiment)

100th Regiment of Foot
(Loyal Lincolnshire Regiment)
Country United Kingdom
Branch British Army
TypeLine Infantry
RoleLight Infantry
SizeOne battalion
MarchQuick Slow
EngagementsSecond Anglo-Mysore War

The 100th Regiment of Foot, or the Loyal Lincolnshire Regiment, was an infantry regiment of the British Army, formed in 1780 and disbanded in 1785. The Loyal Lincolnshire Regiment was reformed in 1794 as the 123rd Regiment of Foot (Loyal Lincolnshire) and was again disbanded in 1796.


The regiment was raised in Ireland by Colonel Thomas Humberstone, with Lieutenant-General Thomas Bruce assuming the colonelcy in August 1780.[1] It was dispatched to India shortly after being raised, and fought in the Second Anglo-Mysore War;[1] after surrendering at the Siege of Bednore on 28 April 1783, it was interned before returning to Ireland in 1784.[1] It was disbanded in Ireland in 1785.[1]

The "Loyal Lincolnshire" title was later reused by the 123rd Foot, raised in 1794 and disbanded in 1796.[1]


Colonels of the regiment were as follows:[1]

(As 123rd)


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