100 Hours

100 Hours
Presented byEvie Ashton
Country of originNew Zealand
Original languageEnglish
Original networkTV2
Original release2002 (2002)

100 Hours, a joint production between TVNZ and the Netherlands' IDTV, was a New Zealand television show filmed in Avalon, New Zealand that aired on TV2 on Sunday evenings in 2002. The show was hosted by Evie Ashton.[1] There were around two thousand applicants nationwide for the show.


Four contestants were locked in an underground bunker in a secret location with no timepieces. The contestants were required to have to learn a series of challenges, which included mind, body and dexterity types. They faced off against the others until one of them won and went on to a final. The ultimate prize of the show was a Mini Cooper.

There was also an element of strategising and bluffing, as contestants attempted to gain psychological advantage.[2]


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