100-flat building

The 100-Flat Building
Street view of the building
100-Flat Building is located in Russia
100-Flat Building
Location within Russia
General information
Architectural styleArt Deco, stalinist architecture
Location16 Krasny Prospekt, Novosibirsk, Russia
Coordinates55°01′12″N 82°55′30″E / 55.020°N 82.925°E / 55.020; 82.925Coordinates: 55°01′12″N 82°55′30″E / 55.020°N 82.925°E / 55.020; 82.925
Construction started1934
Roof28.09 metres (92.2 ft)
Technical details
Floor count8
Design and construction
ArchitectAndrey Kryachkov, Vitaly Maslennikov

The 100-Flat Building (The Stokvartirny House, Russian: Стоквартирный дом) is an eight-floor residential building in Novosibirsk, Russia, located at Krasny Prospekt, 16.[2] It is a historical and cultural monument of federal significance in Russia. The building was created in 1934–1937 by prominent Russian architects Andrey Kryachkov and Vitaly Maslennikov.


The building was originally conceived as a high-profile residential complex for the Soviet elite and arranged for 100 well-appointed apartments (hence the name). The initial project included 10 five-bedroom suits, 30 four-bedroom suits, 40 three-bedroom flats, and 20 two-bedroom flats. The flats have a well-designed layout, large living and utility rooms; some suits had small rooms for maids.

Construction of the house began in 1934. The initial exterior design was substantially complicated in the process, for architect Maslennikov added facade elements themed after the works of French architect Auguste Perret.

At the Exposition Internationale des Arts et Techniques dans la Vie Moderne in Paris on December 11, 1937, the project, along with other works by Kryachkov, was awarded the 1st degree diploma, a gold medal, and a Grand Prix.

Currently, there are 110 apartments in the building, not 100.[3] In 2008, a monument to Kryachkov was erected in front of the building.[4]

Notable residents[]

In various years there lived Gersh Budker (physicist), Eugeny Meshalkin (cardiologist), Vladimir Mysh (surgeon), Alexander Tikhonov (biathlete), Yevgeny Mravinsky (conductor), Nikolai Cherkasov (actor), Nikolai Simonov (actor), Vasili Merkuryev (actor). Kryachkov himself, contrary to the popular opinion, never lived in the building.


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