0 Avenue

Coordinates: 49°00′08″N 122°29′33″W / 49.002312°N 122.492623°W / 49.002312; -122.492623

0 Avenue is a road in British Columbia straddling the Canada–United States border, stretching from Surrey to Abbotsford.[1] The road runs parallel for many miles and is very close to the physical border between Canada and the United States.[2]

The road begins four miles west of the Sumas-Huntingdon Border Crossing, and almost reaches the Pacific Ocean 18 miles away. Boundary Road on the US side runs for 1.5 miles along 0 Avenue and again one mile to the west, with many cameras watching the border, before the U.S. road ends at the Lynden–Aldergrove Border Crossing. 0 Avenue continues west along the northern border of Peace Arch Historical State Park to Peace Arch Crossing. Small pedestrian bridges cross a trench on the border. At the end of 0 Avenue, the road turns north.[1]

The road is a haven for smugglers, even though the border controls have tightened up since the September 11 attacks.[3] The first known drug tunnel along the Canada–United States border was found east of the Lynden–Aldergrove crossing in 2005.[1] Some asylum seekers have also tried to move to Canada from the U.S. via 0 Avenue.[4]


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