.cym is a GeoTLD reserved for eventual assignment to the Cayman Islands. The primary top-level domain used by the Cayman Islands is .ky. The Islands already have the international three letter code, CYM. ICANN plans to increase the number of generic top-level domains,[1] and it is through this process that a .cym top-level domain might be awarded.

The Cayman Islands were previously in competition with Wales over use of the top-level domain. A campaign named "dot.CYM", not overly supported at government level, sought to have the .cym suffix for websites concerning Wales (Welsh: Cymru), the Welsh language (Welsh: Cymraeg) and Welsh culture. However, .cym was eventually assigned to the Cayman Islands[2] because ICANN's policy states that new applications for 3-letter domains will not be accepted if they match existing ISO 3-letter codes.[3] Wales was eventually granted the domain .cymru.

.cymru and .wales[]

In June 2012, ICANN opened the process of applications for new top level domains. Nominet, who own the .uk TLD, applied to ICANN for both .cymru and .wales.[4]


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