.43 Egyptian

.43 Egyptian
Gevär m-1867 Sverige (Typexemplar serienummer 1 - Armémuseum).jpg
The Remington Rolling Block rifle which fired the .43
Service history
Used byEgypt, France
WarsFranco-Prussian War, Mahdist War, Urabi revolt, Anglo-Egyptian War, World War I
Production history
Case typebrass
Bullet diameterlead
Neck diameter12.3 mm
Shoulder diameter13.6 mm
Rim diameter16.0 mm
Case length49.2 mm
Overall length65.0 mm

The .43 Egyptian was a copper and brass centerfire cartridge used by the Egyptian Army and France for the No. 1 Remington Military Rifle,[1][2] a rolling block rifle.[3][4] Used between 1870 and the end of the First World War, it is closely linked to the .43 Spanish.[2]

History of use[]

The Egyptian government originally planned to use the Egyptian .43 cartridge in 1868 "as a matter of national prestige" with 60,000 No. 1 Remington rifles order from Remington. Egypt however was initially unable to meet the payments and the rifles and cartridges were sent to France for use during the Franco-Prussian War. The order was eventually completed in 1876.[3]

Distribution was wide in the Middle East and use continued in the civilian population. It was fired at the British Army in the Mahdist War,[1] and production continued towards 1916.[2]


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