.320 Revolver

.320 Revolver
Place of originUnited Kingdom
Production history
Bullet diameter.3170 in (8.05 mm)
Neck diameter.3200 in (8.13 mm)
Base diameter.3220 in (8.18 mm)
Rim diameter.3500 in (8.89 mm)
Case length.6200 in (15.75 mm)
Overall length.9000 in (22.86 mm)
Rifling twist1 turn in 22 in (560 mm)
Primer typeBerdan
Ballistic performance
Bullet mass/type Velocity Energy
80 gr (5 g) Lead 168 m/s (550 ft/s) 73 J (54 ft⋅lbf)
Source(s): Cartridges of the World - 8th Edition (1997), Frank C. Barnes, page 245

Also known as the .320 European or .320 Bulldog, this revolver cartridge was designed for the Webley Bull Dog pocket revolver in the 1870s and similar revolvers made in Belgium that followed.

The round was manufactured until the 1920s and was briefly made by Fiocchi in 2015.[1]

In Brazil, both guns and ammo (double-barreled, side by side pistols) was made up to 1960s. Amadeo Rossi made his Model 8 "Garrucha" in .320 from 1950 to 1962.[2]

The .32 Short Colt was based on the .320 but had a different sized rim. On some guns the .32 Short Colt will actually fit and cycle properly.[1]


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