'X' Intertwining (Staab)

'X' Intertwining
ArtistRoy Staab
YearAugust 2009
LocationMilwaukee, WI
OwnerUrban Ecology Center

'X' Intertwining was a public artwork by American artist Roy Staab, located in Riverside Park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 'X' Intertwining is an installation made of approximately five hundred phragmites gathered from the Milwaukee River. It was constructed in August 2009 and was designed to hang directly over a fire pit. Its dimensions were variable because of its irregular shape and slow deterioration but averaged forty by twenty-four feet shortly after construction.


'X' Intertwining consisted of phragmites woven into long ropes. Those ropes (of which there were six initially) were then hung from tree branches above the fire pit and allowed to deteriorate over a three-month period. At present, the artwork has completely deteriorated and is no longer visible in its original form.

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