'Wormy (comic strip)

Wormy image.png
Wormy by David A. Trampier, 1983
Author(s)David A. Trampier
Launch dateSeptember 1977
End dateApril 1988
Publisher(s)Dragon Magazine
Genre(s)Humor, fantasy

Wormy, drawn and written by David A. Trampier (1954 - March 24, 2014), was a fantasy comic strip about a talking dragon named Wormy.[1] The strip was originally serialized in the role-playing magazine Dragon.[2][3]

The September 1977 issue of Dragon (Issue #9) featured the first 6-panel comic of Wormy. The first comic featured the title character, a cigar-chomping, pool hustling, wargaming dragon, and subsequent issues revealed the cast of goblins and ogres who were his neighbors and friends. Wormy continued to appear in Dragon for the next 10 years, until Issue #132 (April 1988).


In the late 1980s, Wormy creator David A. Trampier abruptly vanished from public life. The final installment of Wormy ended the strip in the middle of an unfinished storyline. No further Wormy comics were ever published.[4]


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