'Tail Gator

Tail 'Gator
Japanese box art
Composer(s)Iku Mizutani[1]
Platform(s)Game Boy
  • NA: June 1991
  • JP: January 24, 1992
  • EU: 1991
Mode(s)Single player

Tail 'Gator, known in Japan as Shippo de Bun (しっぽでブン), is a Game Boy video game released in 1991. In unofficial translations, the game is sometimes known as Crocodile. In the game, the player plays a small alligator known as 'Charly' who whips his tail forward to attack.


The story of the game centers on the conflict arising from a dragon warlord known as 'Basso Gila' who teleported his castle and army to the peaceful animal kingdom of 'Moberry' in order to destroy it and establish his ultimate rule. The council of elders of Moberry put Charly, the highland alligator, on the task to send the invaders packing in order to ensure their well-deserved freedom.


There are five areas in Tail 'Gator; the first three are divided into four sections revolving around recurring themes: Air, land, cave, and underwater. The fourth and fifth areas are themed around Basso Gila's castle.

The player must complete all sections in order to advance to the next area. This is done by opening up treasure chests in each level. Each chest contains random items save for the last chest which is always a key to unlock the door.

Each section has four levels. In Area 2's "Land" section and Area 3's "Underwater" section, there are secret levels which are accessed by a hidden door that's partially revealed by obtaining the key. The fourth and fifth areas only have three levels each.

When Charly kills an enemy (normally two tail swings), it will eventually respawn at its starting point.


All the power-ups that can be collected by destroying the treasure chests are as follows:



The game's soundtrack consists of 11 tracks, which display a copious amount of swing rhythm. They are Title Screen, Level Select (Area lobby), Air, Land, Cave, Underwater, Castle, Boss Theme, Level Complete, Ending Theme, Game Over.


Allgame gives Tail 'Gator a 4.5/5[2]


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