Sarvo Logo 2007.png
The Sarvo logo used during 2007 and 2008.
Presented byJamie Croft (2002–2003)
Josh Quong Tart (2002–2003)
Tony Brockman (2003–2005)
James Kerley (2003–2007)
Dave Lawson (2006–2007)
Maude Garrett (2007–2008)
Kyle Linahan (2007–2008)
Country of originAustralia
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons5
Running time120 minutes
Original networkNickelodeon
Nickelodeon (New Zealand)
Picture formatPAL
Original release2002 (2002) –
2008 (2008)

Sarvo was an after-school show for kids on Nickelodeon (New Zealand), it was hosted by Maude Garrett and Kyle Linahan, until it was cancelled in 2008. It acted as a wrapper program (a show which features other shows within it) to the most popular programs on Nickelodeon.


Note: During the transition from James and Tony to James and Dave, there was a one-week-long hiatus; however, during the transition from James and Dave to Maude and Kyle, there was approximately a one and a half months-long hiatus. Also, the 2007 version of the show is the first time that there has been a female host on the show and the 2007 version shows the second time that a Camp Orange host has moved on to host Sarvo, the first being Dave and now Maude.

Sarvo Rewind[]

Sarvo Rewind was a best-of version screened at 3pm on Saturday afternoons and was a wrap-up of the week's events on Sarvo. As of 9 April 2007, (the premiere date of the "all new Sarvo") there are no plans to continue Sarvo Rewind.

Show segments[]

Genie in a Beanie - Maude and Kyle make viewers' sent-in wishes come true (e.g. "make my bed in the morning" or "replace my school teacher").

Dare-Off - Viewers send in dares and decide who should do the dare (Kyle or Maude). This segment is based on the most popular segment from the previous seasons (pre-2007), Sarvo Suggestion Sack. Examples of this included going into the Queen Victoria Building dressed up as angry grandmothers.

Sarvo Show-Offs - Throughout the years, various Sarvo Show-offs were conducted. The first one involved viewers making their own version of the SpongeBob SquarePants theme song. There is usually a prize, the first one being Orange Carpet tickets and the opportunity to perform at the pre-show of the 2007 Nickelodeon Australian Kids' Choice Awards.

Sarvo Inbox - Maude and Kyle read out letters sent in by viewers of the show.

My Pet Rocks - Viewers send in photos and stories of their pets that are shown on screen during the segment on Sarvo.

Webhead of the Week - The 'Webhead of the Week' gets the opportunity to talk to Maude and Kyle live via webcam.

Clickhead of the Week - A popular feature on the Nickelodeon website, 'Clickheads' are animated cartoons created online by members of the website. Random 'Clickheads' are then shown on Nick in between ad-breaks. The 'Clickhead of the Week' receives a 'special playing' during Sarvo, and receives a prize pack.

Nicker Ticker - Another popular feature on the Nickelodeon website, Nicker Ticker, involves short messages sent online via the website being played as a 'ticker' on Sarvo.

Sarvo Extras - Like the extras on a DVD, Sarvo Extras offers kids an inside look at the making of various Nickelodeon shows.

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Note: Despite the logo not showing the apostrophe before Sarvo from 2003 onwards, the show was officially referred to as 'Sarvo until early 2007.

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