'San Francesco, Potenza

San Francesco is a romanesque-Gothic-style Roman Catholic church in the city of Potenza, region of Basilicata, Italy.

Church of San Francesco


The church was erected in 1274 with a tall Gothic facade with a large circular window. The 16th-century portal has the monogram of St Bernardino da Siena.

Among the artworks are a fresco depicting Martyrdom of St Sebastian (1545-1566) by Giovanni Todisco of Abriola. On the right wall is a stone tomb of Donato De Grassis (1534). The walls have 14th-century frescoes of St Clare and St Francis.[1]


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Coordinates: 40°38′20″N 15°48′10″E / 40.6388°N 15.8027°E / 40.6388; 15.8027