'O re

'O Re
Poster O Re.jpg
Directed byLuigi Magni
Written byLuigi Magni
Produced byGiovanni Di Clemente
StarringGiancarlo Giannini
Ornella Muti
CinematographyFranco Di Giacomo
Edited byRuggero Mastroianni
Music byNicola Piovani
Release date
Running time
95 min

'O Re (also known as The King of Naples) is a 1989 Italian historical film written and directed by Luigi Magni.[1][2] For his performance Carlo Croccolo won the David di Donatello for best supporting actor.[3] The film also won the David di Donatello and the Nastro d'Argento for best costumes.[3]


In 1862, Francis II of Bourbon, the last king of the Two Sicilies, lives in exile in Rome (capital city of the Papal States) with his wife Maria Sophie and the butler Rafele. The king has lost his throne after the conquest of his kingdom by the forces of Giuseppe Garibaldi and the Piedmontese Army. Maria Sophie tries to recover the Kingdom of Naples, supporting the uprising of patriots, rebels and outlaws (named "briganti" by the Piedmontese Government), but Francesco is demoralized and has no intention of fighting. The king in fact closes in himself, expressing interest in religion and the supernatural...



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