'Issam Abdul-Tawab Abdul-'Alim

Issam Abdel-Tawab Abdel Alim (عصام عبدالتواب عبدالعليم) was a member of al-Jihad convicted in Egypt's Returnees from Albania case. He was the only member extradited from Bulgaria, following his capture by the CIA in Sofia in July 1998.[1][2] He was one of 14 people subjected to extraordinary rendition by the CIA prior to the 2001 declaration of a War on Terror.[3]

During his interrogations, he alleged he was frequently tortured; his genitals were repeatedly electrocuted and his right arm incapacitated after being the subject of a "sharpening tool".[4]

At trial, he described how the group began training its recruits in Yemen in 1990, where they were schooled in Sharia, political history of militant Islamic movements, surveillance techniques and document forgery.[5] He also noted that he had met Muhammad al-Zawahiri in the country.[6]

Held incommunicado from his arrest on July 13 until September 12, he was sentenced to either 10 or 15 years' imprisonment.[7]


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