'Iron Wolf' Mechanised Infantry Brigade

Mechanized Infantry Brigade "Iron Wolf"
Mechanizuotoji pėstininkų brigada "Geležinis Vilkas"
Insignia of the Mechanized Infantry Brigade "Iron Wolf".svg
Insignia of the Mechanized Infantry Brigade "Iron Wolf"
Active1992 – present
Country Lithuania
RoleMechanized infantry
Size6 battalions
Part ofLithuanian Land Forces
Garrison/HQRukla (Jonava district)
Anniversaries6 June 1992
EquipmentLithuanian army equipment
WebsiteOfficial site
Colonel Mindaugas Steponavičius
Chief of StaffLieutenant Colonel Aurelijus Motiejūnas
Chief Warrant OfficerCommand Sergeant Major Darius Kolodzeiskis
Symbol of MIB "Iron Wolf"MPB Gelezinis Vilkas.gif
Flag of MIB "Iron Wolf"Flag of the Mechanised Infantry Brigade Iron Wolf.jpg
MIB "Iron Wolf" military exercises

Mechanized Infantry Brigade "Iron Wolf" (MIB "Iron Wolf") (Lithuanian: mechanizuotoji pėstininkų brigada "Geležinis Vilkas") is the core unit of the Lithuanian Army and forms the country's contribution to NATO collective defence. The name of the brigade relates to the Lithuanian mythical character from the medieval foundation legend of the Vilnius city.


MIB "Iron Wolf" main mission is to maintain required capabilities as stated in national defense guide in order to defend Republic of Lithuania sovereignty, its territorial integrity, participate in NATO and international peace support operations, plan and conduct brigade staff and units training, main effort preparation for peace support operations in accordance with international commitments.

Main Tasks:

Current composition[]

MIB "Iron Wolf" is the largest unit of land forces of the Lithuania Armed Forces, consists of the command, its elements and six battalions stationed across Lithuania and named after Lithuanian Great Dukes as the tradition of the Lithuanian Armed Forces goes:


The unit originated in June 1990, when a separate Defence Squad was created. Same year, in autumn, the Honors Guards Company was created.


International cooperation[]

The soldiers of the brigade participate in exercises of various levels in Lithuania as well as abroad. In addition, they are conducting peacekeeping operations in Afghanistan and stand by period in NATO Response Force and Battlegroup of the European Union. The Brigade constantly takes part in joint projects, international operations, and wargames together with other countries' military units. Among those are the British Armed Forces, the Army of Denmark, the Army of the Czech Republic, the United States Military, Poland and Germany.

International joint projects[]

International peacekeeping missions[]


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