'Eua 11

ʻEua 11
for the Legislative Assembly of Tonga
Current constituency
Number of members1
Member(s)Taniela Fusimalohi

ʻEua 11 is an electoral constituency for the Legislative Assembly in the Kingdom of Tonga. It was established for the November 2010 general election, when the multi-seat regional constituencies for People's Representatives were replaced by single-seat constituencies, electing one representative via the first past the post electoral system. It covers the whole of the island of ʻEua, and the much smaller adjacent island of Kalau. Despite the "11" in its name, there is only one constituency for ʻEua; each constituency in the country is given a number.[1]

Its first ever representative was Sunia Fili, who had first been elected to Parliament in 1999. Elected as an independent MP in 2010, he was appointed Minister for Finance by Prime Minister Lord Tuʻivakano.[2] Though elected as an independent, he was close to the Democratic Party of the Friendly Islands,[3] and joined it in 2012 after resigning from the government.[4]

Fili was replaced by Tevita Lavemaau at the 2014 election. Lavemaau was re-elected in 2017, but lost the seat at the 2021 election to Taniela Fusimalohi.[5]

Members of Parliament[]

or event
Member Party

Sunia Fili

2012[6] Democratic Party of the Friendly Islands
2014 Tevita Lavemaau Independent
2017 Tevita Lavemaau Independent
2021 Taniela Fusimalohi Independent

Election results[]


Tongan general election, 2010: ʻEua 11
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Independent Sunia Fili 772 37.2
(unknown) Sione Sengililala Moala 667 32.1
(unknown) Tevita Lavemaau 637 30.7
Majority 105 5.1 n/a
Independent win (new seat)


Along with five other incumbent DPFI MPs, Sunia Fili was not selected as a DPFI candidate for this election, and announced he would be running as an independent candidate.[7]

'Eua 11
Candidate Votes %
Tevita Lavemaau 760
Sunia Fili 716
Taniela Fusimalohi 618
Suliasi Pouvalu Fonise 'Aholelei 57
Silivia Loumaile Mahe 7
Invalid/blank votes 1
Total 2,159 100
Registered voters/turnout
Source: TEC


'Eua 11
Candidate Votes %
Tevita Lavemaau 789
Taniela Fusimalohi 519
Sunia Manu Fili 476
Sunia Kauvaka Havea 310
Hale Telepo 6
Silivia Loumaile Mahe 6
Invalid/blank votes 2
Total 2,108 100
Registered voters/turnout
Source: Tonga Elections


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