'Ayn al-'Arab District

Ayn al-Arab District
منطقة عين العرب
Ayn al-Arab District in Syria
Location of Ayn al-Arab District within Aleppo Governorate
Ayn al-Arab District is located in Syria
Ayn al-Arab District
Ayn al-Arab District
Location in Syria
Coordinates (Kobani): 36°53′N 38°22′E / 36.89°N 38.37°E / 36.89; 38.37
Country Syria
Subdistricts4 nawāḥī
 • Total3,068.04 km2 (1,184.58 sq mi)

`Ayn al-`Arab District (Arabic: منطقة عين العرب, romanizedmanṭiqat ‘Ayn al-‘Arab) is a district of Aleppo Governorate in northern Syria. The administrative centre is the city of Kobani.

The administrative center of Ayn al-Arab Subdistrict shown above is the city of Kobani.
The administrative center of Shuyukh Tahtani Subdistrict shown above is the city of Shuyukh Tahtani.
The administrative center of Sarrin Subdistrict shown above is the city of Sarrin.

The district fills the northeastern section of the governorate, and its northern boundary is along the Syria–Turkey border.

At the 2004 census, the district had a population of 192,513.[1]


The district of Ayn Al-Arab is divided into four sub-districts or nawāḥī (population as of 2004):

Subdistricts of Ayn al-Arab District
Code Name Area Population Seat
SY020600 Ayn al-Arab Subdistrict 745.60 km2 81,424 Kobani
SY020601 Shuyukh Tahtani Subdistrict 318.86 km2 43,861 Shuyukh Tahtani
SY020602 Sarrin Subdistrict [ar] 2,003.57 km2 69,931 Sarrin
Al-Jalabiyah Subdistrict Al-Jalabiyah

Al-Jalabiyah Subdistrict was separated from Sarrin Subdistrict in 2009.[2]


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