ʿAmm (Sabaean: 𐩲𐩣, romanized: ʿm; Arabic: عمْ) was a moon god worshipped in ancient Qataban, which was a kingdom in ancient Yemen. 'Amm's name stems from the Arabic word for paternal uncle.[1][2] The inhabitants of the kingdom referred to themselves as the Banu Amm, or the "Children of Amm".[1] He was also revered as a weather god, as his attributes included lightning bolts.[1] His consort is the goddess Asherah, and he was served by the oracle-judge Anbay.[citation needed]

According to French archaeologist Christian Robin [fr] and biblical scholar Daniel E. Fleming, one possible origin for the title 'Amm or "Children of 'Amm" is speculated to have stemmed from a designation of an earlier group of people who worshiped 'Amm as a central god, with the name 'Amm simply being the title for a forgotten deity whose true designation was not known.[3] Though 'Amm was worshipped into the time of the Qataban kingdom.[2]


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