'Ali al-Uraidhi

Ali al-Uraidhi ibn Ja'far al-Sadiq
علي العريضي بن جعفر الصادق‎
Medina, Abbasid Caliphate (now Saudi Arabia)
Resting placeAl-Uraidh
ChildrenAhmad al-Sha'rani
Ja'far al-Asghar
Muhammad al-Naqib
EraIslamic golden age
(Abbasid era)
Known forHadith Scholar
OccupationIslamic Scholar

Ali al-Uraidhi ibn Ja'far al-Sadiq, (Arabic: علي العريضي بن جعفر الصادق ʿAlī al-ʿUrayḍī ibn Jaʿfar al-Sādiq) better known simply as Ali al-Uraidhi, was the son of Ja'far al-Sadiq and the brother of Isma'il, Musa al-Kadhim, Abdullah al-Aftah, and Muhammad Al-Dibaj. He was known by the title al-Uraidhi, because he lived in an area called Uraidh, about 4 miles (or 6.4 km) from Medina. He was also known by the nickname Abu Hasan (i.e. father of Hasan). He was a great Muslim scholar.


Ali al-Uraidhi (علي العريضي) was born and raised in Medina. He was the youngest son of Ja'far al-Sadiq. After his father died whilst he was still a child, he left Medina for the town of Al-Uraidh, where he settled and became the sheikh of all Banu Hashim and the Naqib (prefect) of the descendants of Muhammad.

He was a diligent worshipper, generous and a great scholar.

He lived approximately 100 years, until the time of his brother Musa al-Kadhim’s great-grandson Ali al-Hadi (828-868) and died in Al-Uraidh and was buried there.


The children and descendants of Ali al-Uraidhi became known as al-Uraidhiyun. They inhabited many areas, including Al-Uraidh, Kufa, Baghdad, Sham (Greater Syria), Nusaybin, Turkey, Ahwaz, Rayy (Tehran), Isfahan, Yazd, Qom, Khwarazm and Afghanistan. His sons were:

Other descendants[]

Nine Saints (Wali Songo) are not from Al-Aydarus family

Uraidhi descendants in Pakistan[]

Religious knowledge[]

Ali al-Uraidhi was a man of great knowledge. He was a transmitter of Hadith, and was quoted in a large number of books written by the famous 'ulama of his and subsequent ages.[1]

He gained knowledge from:

Many people transmitted the Hadiths of Ali al-Uraidhi, including:

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