'Ali Mahmud Taha

‘Ali Maḥmūd Ṭāhā (Arabic: علي محمود طه‎) (1901–1949) was an Egyptian romantic poet.[1] He has been called several nicknames, such as: The Engineer and The Lost Sailor.[1] The Egyptian literary scholar, 'Abd al-Majid 'Abidin, published an Arabic study discussing 'Ali Mahmud Taha "al-Munhandis" (the Engineer Ali Mahmud Taha) and Iliya Abu Madi in 1967, describing them both as reformist poets (sha'irayn mujaddidayn).[2]

Nevertheless, Taha was not as immersed in romanticism as Ibrahim Nagi and Mohammad al-Hamshari.[1]

Furthermore, Taha's poets were politically-colored, but even provocative and patriotic, despite his death, which was before the 23rd-of-July Revolution. He was among the contributors of Al Siyasa, newspaper of the Liberal Constitutional Party.[3]

Early life[]

Taha was born to a family of the middle-class in Mansoura, in Delta, Egypt.[1]



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