'Aidarus Mosque

Aidrus Mosque
جامع العيدروس
Aidrus Mosque stamp 1938.jpg
LocationCrater, Aden, Yemen
Geographic coordinates12°46′21″N 45°02′11″E / 12.7724°N 45.0364°E / 12.7724; 45.0364Coordinates: 12°46′21″N 45°02′11″E / 12.7724°N 45.0364°E / 12.7724; 45.0364

The Mosque of Abu Bakr al-'Aydarus or Aidrus Mosque (Arabic: جامع العيدروس) is a Sufi mosque in Aidrus Street in Crater, Aden Governorate, Yemen. One of the principal mosques in Aden, it is named after Abu Bakr al-Aydarus, the wali of Aden.

Originally built in the late-15th or early-16th century, the mosque underwent rebuilding after being destroyed in 1859. During the 1994 civil war in Yemen, Islamic fundamentalists from North Yemen damaged much of the mosque, burning copies of the Quran and vandalizing tombs in its courtyard.[1]

The mosque is featured on some Aden postage stamps, e.g. the 1938 2 anna stamp.[2]

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