'Abd Shams

Abd Shams ibn Abd Manaf
ChildrenUmayya ibn Abd Shams
Rabi'ah ibn Abd Shams
RelativesMuttalib ibn Abd Manaf (brother)
Nawfal ibn Abd Manaf (brother)
Hashim ibn Abd Manaf (brother)

Abd Shams ibn Abd Manaf (Arabic: عبد شمس بن عبد مناف) was a prominent member of the Quraish tribe of Mecca in modern-day Saudi Arabia. The Banu Abd Shams sub-clan of the Quraish tribe and their descendants take its name from him.


Abd Shams was the oldest son of Abd Manaf ibn Qusai.[1] His younger brothers were Muttalib, Nawfal and Hashim, after whom the Banu Hashim tribe was named.[2]

The Banu Umayya clan was named after Umayya ibn Abd Shams, Abd Shams' biological son (more probable) or adopted son, according to different versions.[3]

Notable relatives and descendants[]

Quraysh tribe
Waqida bint AmrAbd Manaf ibn QusaiĀtikah bint Murrah
Nawfal ibn Abd Manaf‘Abd ShamsBarraHalaMuṭṭalib ibn Abd ManafHashimSalma bint Amr
Umayya ibn Abd ShamsʿAbd al-Muṭṭalib
HarbAbū al-ʿĀsʿĀminahʿAbdallāhHamzaAbī ṬālibAz-Zubayral-ʿAbbās Abū Lahab
ʾAbī Sufyān ibn Harbal-ḤakamʿUthmānʿAffānMUHAMMAD
(Family tree)
Khadija bint KhuwaylidʿAlī
(Family tree)
Khawlah bint Ja'farʿAbd Allāh
Muʿāwiyah IMarwān IʿUthmān ibn ʿAffānRuqayyahFatimahMuhammad ibn al-HanafiyyahʿAli ibn ʿAbdallāh
SufyanidsMarwanids al-Ḥasanal-Ḥusayn
(Family tree)
Abu Hashim
(Imām of al-Mukhtār and Hashimiyya)

Ibrāhim "al-Imām"al-Saffāḥal-Mansur


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