'96 Drum n Bass Classixxx

96 Drum 'n' Bass Classixxx
96 Drum 'n' Bass Classixxx.png
Studio album by
Released2002 (2002)
GenreDrill 'n' bass, IDM
LabelRephlex Records
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96 Drum 'n' Bass Classixxx
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96 Drum 'n' Bass Classixxx is a studio album by Bogdan Raczynski. It was released on Rephlex Records in 2002. Raczynski has created a new artist name for each track, to give the impression that it is a compilation album.

Track listing[]

No.TitleArtist nameLength
1."Reach for Your Lives"MC Slammah & Digital Hooliganz3:12
2."Battle Zone 1996"Suburban Fox3:33
3."Trip to the Boom"Abdullah K3:44
4."'96 'Ardkore Canin'"Re-Start5:16
5."On the Case"DJ Whisky3:46
6."Pouch Fulla Seed (Hard on You Mix)"Kingsland Kru2:03
7."Cyclops"King Herod3:20
8."Solid Hold on Me Solid Gold"Ronny Rinkles1:18
9."D&D Diabolical"4-Cillinda2:53
10."Governor's Banquet"The Optomotorist1:57
11."Put Em Up Sharif"Senator Steele1:26
12."SL45H! 4TT4CK! 3NT3R K3Y!"Agent 304:14


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