'Tis the Season (novel)

Main Street
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AuthorAnn M. Martin
Cover artistDan Andreason
No. of books10 (List of books)

Main Street is a children's novel series by Ann M. Martin aiming at age group 8–12. It was published between 2007 and 2011.[1] The story revolves around two sisters, Ruby and Flora Northrop, who move to the small town Camden Falls to live with their grandmother after the sudden death of their parents. The books tell us about the girls' new journey and adaptation in a new town and new people with old memories, and some with rather dubious ones. There, they make new friends like Olivia and Nikki. Olivia's grandmother owns a store with Ruby's and Flora's grandmother.

After completing the Baby-Sitters Club series, Ann M. Martin began the Main Street series. She has stated in one of her interviews that she loves small towns and based Camden Falls on Woodstock, New York.[2] The author's love of sewing inspired the grandmother's sewing shop.[3] The books have at one point or another talked about almost everyone and all shops in the town. According to Martin, she had to create a whole new imaginary town which was very enjoyable. Each book has a detailed map of the town.



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