!Hero (album)

!Hero (album).jpg
Studio album by
Various artists
ReleasedSeptember 2, 2003
GenreChristian rock
Length1 hour, 47 minutes
LabelForeFront / Emd
ProducerPete Stewart
Professional ratings
Review scores
CCM MagazineB[1]
Christianity Today[2]
Jesus Freak Hideout[3]

!Hero is an album featuring the songs from the rock opera, !Hero. It is based on the question, "What if Jesus was born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania?" The rock opera modernizes Jesus' last two years on earth and features a cast of many well-known Christian rock artists with Michael Tait, Rebecca St. James, and Mark Stuart as the three main characters: Hero (Jesus), Maggie (Mary Magdalene), and Petrov (Peter).

Track listing and performers[]

Disc 1[4]
1."This is How it Happened"Mat Kearney and Pete StewartPaul Wright2:08
2."A Few Good Men"Eddie DeGarmoMichael Quinlan, Mark Stuart, Michael Tait5:09
3."Wedding Celebration"Eddie DeGarmoJohn Cooper, John Grey, Michael Tait, Nirva Dorsaint, and GRITS[citation needed]4:32
4."Fire of Love"Eddie DeGarmoJohn Cooper and Michael Tait4:38
5."Lose My Life with You"Eddie DeGarmoMichael Tait and Nirva Dorsaint[citation needed]3:14
6."Man on a Mission"Matt Kearney and Pete StewartPaul Wright1:14
7."Secrets of the Heart"Eddie DeGarmoRebecca St. James and Michael Tait3:52
8."Stand Up and Walk"Eddie DeGarmoJohn Cooper, Matt Hammitt, and Michael Tait4:24
9."Do What You Gotta Do"Eddie DeGarmoJohn Cooper and Pete Stewart3:05
10."Take My Hand"Eddie DeGarmoMichael Tait1:48
11."Love's Declaration"Eddie DeGarmoRebecca St. James, Mark Stuart, and Michael Tait3:17
12."Raised in Harlem[nb 1]"Eddie DeGarmo and Pete StewartT-Bone and Michael Tait4:21
13."They're Callin' Him Hero"Mat Kearney and Pete StewartPaul Wright2:42
14."Manna From Heaven"Eddie DeGarmoRebecca St. James, Michael Quinlan, Mark Stuart, and Michael Tait4:20
15."Hero"Eddie DeGarmoRebecca St. James, Michael Quinlan, and Mark Stuart4:41
Disc 2[4]
1."He Just Had to Stir Things Up/Leave Here"Eddie DeGarmoRebecca St. James, Michael Tait, and Paul Wright5:19
2."Stand by You"Eddie DeGarmoRebecca St. James and Paul Wright2:47
3."Say the Word"Eddie DeGarmoPaul Wright1:36
4."Intentions"Eddie DeGarmoMichael Quinlan3:20
5."Finally Home"Eddie DeGarmoRebecca St. James, Michael Quinlan, and Mark Stuart3:37
6."Not in Our House"Eddie DeGarmo and Pete StewartJohn Cooper and Michael Tait2:09
7."Murder on Their Minds"Mat Kearney and Pete StewartPaul Wright2:59
8."Party in the House Today"Eddie DeGarmoMark Stuart3:49
9."In Remembrance of Me"Eddie DeGarmoMichael Tait1:53
10."Shadowman"Eddie DeGarmoMichael Quinlan and Pete Stewart5:00
11."Hero's Agony"Eddie DeGarmoMichael Tait[citation needed]2:37
12."I Am"Eddie DeGarmoMichael Tait4:17
13."Kill the Hero"Eddie DeGarmoJohn Cooper, Paul Wright, and Bob Farrell6:00
14."Execute/Intentions (Reprise)/Hero (Reprise)/Lose My Life With You"Eddie DeGarmoRebecca St. James, Nirva Dorsaint and Michael Quinlan[citation needed]3:58
15."He's Not Here"Eddie DeGarmoRebecca St. James and Nathaniel Lee3:41
16."The Truth Comes Out"Eddie DeGarmo and Mat KearneyPaul Wright1:47


Chris Well, writing for CCM Magazine, reviewed it favorably and stated, "!Hero is inventive, rhythmic and should, no doubt, spark debate everywhere about the real Jesus.[1] On the other hand, Andree Farias of Christian Music Today, wrote, "!Hero's attempt to be all things to all people is well-intentioned, its 'replayability' value is minimal, deeming it no more than a glorified post-concert souvenir for the live stage show."[2]

Primary cast[]

Secondary cast and musicians[]

  • Todd Collins – percussion
  • Eddie DeGarmo – piano, background vocals, executive producer
  • DJ Majscratching
  • Jason Eskridge – background vocals
  • Kim Fleming – choir
  • Brad Ford – vocals, assistant executive producer
  • Robert Gay – children's chorus
  • Rachel Goldstein – choir
  • Kirk "Jelly Roll" Johnson – harmonica
  • Tony Lucido – bass guitar
  • Rick May – drums
  • Ann McCrary – choir
  • Antonio Phelon – choir, background vocals
  • John Ray – choir
  • Becky Robertson – children's chorus
  • Joanna Robertson – children's chorus
  • Thomas Romines – choir
  • Pete Stewart – acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, piano, electric piano
  • Greg Thomas – choir
  • Patti Thomas – choir
  • Michelle Valentine – choir
  • Paul Wright III[6]

Support staff[]

  • Eddie DeGarmo – executive producer
  • Brad Ford – assistant executive producer
  • Carl Marsh – Fairlight, string arrangement
  • Bethany Newman – art director, design
  • Marcelo Pennell – audio engineer
  • Carter Robertson – choir director
  • Dan Shike – mastering
  • Pete Stewart – audio engineer, producer, programming
  • Greg Thomas – choir director[6]


  1. ^ Raised in Harlem was featured on Hip Hope Hits 2005, a compilation album on Gotee Records.[5]