!Alla tu!

¡Allá tú!
¡Allá Tú! logo in Cuatro
Presented byJesús Vázquez
Country of originSpain
No. of episodes~1,000
Camera setupMultiple-camera setup
Running time50 minutes (with commercials)
Original networkTelecinco (2004-2008)
Cuatro (2011)
Picture format4:3 SDTV (2004-2008)
16:9 SDTV (2011)
Original releaseJanuary 26, 2004 (2004-01-26) –
November 4, 2011 (2011-11-04)
¡Allá Tú! logo in TeleCinco

¡Allá tú! (Spanish for "It's Your Business") is the Spanish version of Deal or No Deal. It was initially broadcast by Telecinco between 2004 and 2008 and later changed to sister channel Cuatro for a comeback in 2011.

The top prize is 300,000 (US$382,000). It had been €600,000 (US$765,000) for a while due to a new text game where the money the contestant wins is split evenly between the contestant and the text winner (so if the contestant wins €600,000, he or she will win €300,000 and the text player will also receive €300,000). In 2006, there was a special called La Noche de los 2.000.000€ (The night of the 2 million euro), but the top prize was €1,000,000 (US$1,311,600) and the game was played twice on that night, the set was different as well (similar to the US version).[1] In the 850th episode, the grand prize was increased to €850,000 (US$1,145,000).

It's hosted by Jesús Vázquez, but during Jesús's break to focus on another Endemol show, Operación Triunfo, Silvia Jato and later Arturo Valls filled in for him.

This version of the show is very similar to the Italian version, Affari Tuoi. As in the UK, contestants open 22 boxes rather than 26 briefcases (except for the million euro special, which had 26 briefcases).

On June 19, 2007, Gilbert from Tarragona became the first €600,000 winner.

On July 25, 2011, Maria del Carmen Bonilla from Asturias won €300,000 and becomes the second top prize winner.[2]


The program begins by each contestant describing him/herself and then the contestant proceeds to the podium.

Before the game begins, the contestant picks one of the 22 boxes (26 cases for special episodes).

In the rounds, the contestant is supposed to pick the boxes on the other 21 contestants (or 25 for specials), when each box is opened (first when ribbon cover is removed) the card is shown before the value of the card is out of play, and the flat screen display utilizes the amounts that are remain on the field. Then the banker calls the host and makes the offer to the contestant, and then he/she says whether to accept (presses the red button and ends game) or reject the offer (closes the cover).

Round 1 is to pick five boxes, round 2 for four boxes to be picked, round 3 for three boxes, and then rounds 4-7 for two boxes.

One player plays for the entire episode (except for the million euro specials, which were longer and featured two players per episode).

Box/Case Values[]

NOTE: Some small values were often replaced with joke prizes (except for the million euro specials).




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