!All-Time Quarterback! (EP)

¡All-Time Quarterback!
EP by
RecordedWinter 1999
GenreIndie rock
¡All-Time Quarterback! chronology
¡All-Time Quarterback!
The Envelope Sessions

¡All-Time Quarterback! was the first release of Ben Gibbard's solo project ¡All-Time Quarterback!. A limited number of the CD EP was released on Elsinor Records and is now out of print. All of the tracks from this release were collected and re-released by Barsuk on 2002's ¡All-Time Quarterback! along with a number of tracks from The Envelope Sessions. The original CD EP release came with two inserts: one blue insert containing the lyrics and one orange insert with the crs.

Track listing[]

  1. "Plans Get Complex"
  2. "Untitled"
  3. "Why I Cry"
  4. "Rules Broken"
  5. "Send Packing"