Marcos Witt
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Background information
Born (1962-05-19) May 19, 1962 (age 60)
San Antonio, Texas, United States
Occupation(s)Singer, pastor
InstrumentsVocals, piano, percussion
Years active1984–present
LabelsCanZion Group LP

Marcos Witt is an American Christian music singer and pastor. Witt is considered one of the most influential and famous Spanish speaking figures of Christian music.[1]


Witt was the second of three children born to Jerry and Nola Witt, a young American missionary couple. The Witt family moved to Durango, Mexico, in 1960 and started a missionary outreach. Jerry was killed when his small aircraft was shot down in 1964 while he was dropping gospels of St. John over small villages in Mexico.[citation needed] Nola Witt continued the mission work after his death. Some years later, she married Frank Warren. Together, they began to build new churches in Durango, Mexico. The couple had two children.

Witt's education began with basic studies at the American School of Durango. He then studied classical music at the University of Juarez (Durango, Mexico) and eventually started his theological studies at the International Bible College in San Antonio, Texas. Currently,[when?] Witt is working towards his master's degree at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


In 1986, Witt founded CanZion Producciones when he recorded his first album, Canción a Dios. He has recorded 30 albums that are available on cassette, CD, and DVD. Witt has sold over 27,000,000 copies of his records in Mexico, the United States and Latin America.[2]

In 1994, Witt founded CanZion Institute, a school dedicated to the preparation of worship leaders and music ministers. Twenty years later there are over 3,000 students attending the 28 campuses of the Institute in 10 different countries throughout the United States, Latin America, and Europe.[3]

Witt has written ten books, including Adoremos, which has been translated to English, Portuguese, and French, and Qué hacemos con estos músicos, which has been translated into Portuguese. Between 2009 and 2012, more than 3,000,000 people attended Witt's concerts in some of the main venues of Latin America.[citation needed] Concerts have been held in such places as José Amalfitani Stadium in Argentina, Figali Convention Center in Panama, Estadio Cuscatlán in El Salvador, Estadio Monumental in Ecuador, Estadio El Campín in Colombia, Palacio de los Deportes and Estadio Azteca in México City.[citation needed]

In 2001, Witt received the Ritmo Latino Award by the People for his "outstanding musical career".[citation needed]

Starting in 2002, for ten years he served as pastor of the Spanish Christian congregation at the megachurch Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas.[4] Witt frequently[clarification needed] visits the White House for events as a representative of the evangelical Hispanic Community.[3]

In September 2003, Witt received a Latin Grammy Award for Best Christian Album, for Sana Nuestra Tierra (Heal Our Land). In November of that same year, he recorded Recordando Otra Vez (Remembering Once Again) at the LA Sports Arena. This recording brought CanZion into the secular market because of its distribution agreement with Sony.

In 2004, Marcos received his second Latin Grammy for Best Christian Album for Recordando Otra Vez.

On November 2, 2006, Witt received his third Latin Grammy for Best Christian Album for his album Dios es Bueno (God is Good).

On October 31, 2006, he released the album Alegría (Joy), which was recorded live in Chile. On April 26, 2007, Alegría won a Latin Billboard Award for Best Christian/Gospel Album of the Year. Witt's daughter, Elena Witt, sang "Cristo, Amante de mi Alma" on the album Alegria. On November 8, 2007, Witt received his fourth Latin Grammy for Best Christian Album for Alegría.

On October 2, 2007, Witt released Sinfonía del Alma (Symphony from the Soul), which he recorded and dedicated to his father[clarification needed] who had died a year earlier.

On November 15, 2012, Witt received his fifth Latin Grammy for Best Christian Album for his album 25 Concierto Conmemorativo (25 Memorial Concert).

Witt is also working with William Vanderbloemen as a strategic partner to his firm.[5]

Most recently, Marcos Witt received backlash from many evangelicals due to his participation in an ecumenical event "CRECES" (an event in which Protestants and Catholics come together) in 2006. Though he released a video in which he states he is not ecumenical, he never addressed why he was at the event and would even scold secular reporters for asking about the matter. Subsequently, another video from a 2016 event of the same organization shows him addressing the attendees through a video played at the aforementioned event.

Personal life[]

In 1986, Marcos married Miriam Lee; they have four children. The couple's oldest child, Elena, is married to singer Harold Guerra, who is signed to CanZion Records, the recording company founded by Witt.[6]


Year of Release Title Label
1986 Canción a Dios CanZion
1987 Instrumentals I and II
1988 Adoremos! CanZion
Sony Music
1990 Proyecto alabanza y adoración CanZion
1991 Tú y yo (En vivo) CanZion
1991 Marco Barrientos: En Tí (En vivo) CanZion
1991 A una voz (Con Torre Fuerte) Vida
1992 Te Anhelo CanZion
1992 Te Exaltamos (En vivo) Hosanna! Music
1993 Poderoso (En vivo) CanZion
1993 Alcanzando a las naciones
1993 Grandes son tus maravillas (En vivo desde Miami con Jaime Murrell) Vida Music
1994 Celebracion de alabanza (En vivo) CanZion
1994 Lo Mejor de Marcos
1994 ¡Alabadle! (En vivo)
1995 Recordando... Una misma senda
1995 Vicente Montaño: Tiempo de Cambiar
1995 Rudy Rodríguez "Aliento de adoración"
1996 Venció (En vivo)
1996 Es Navidad
1997 Israel
1997 Canticos de alabanza y adoración para cumplidores de promesas Matanatha Music
1998 Preparad el camino (En vivo desde Jerusalén) CanZion
1998 Lo Mejor de Instrumentales
1998 Lo Mejor de Marcos II
1999 Colección En Vivo
1999 Enciende una luz (En vivo)
2000 Homenaje a Jesús (En vivo con Marco Barrientos, Danilo Montero y Jorge Lozano)
2000 Todos deben de saber (En vivo)
2000 Venceu (En vivo) (En portugués)
2000 El volverá (En vivo desde Jerusalén con Danilo Montero y Luis Enrique Espinosa) CanZion
2001 Clamemos a Jesús (En vivo desde Zócalo de la Ciudad de México) Aliento Producciones
2001 Vivencias CanZion
2001 Sana Nuestra Tierra (En vivo)
2001 Dios al mundo amó
2001 A viva voz
2001 Juan Romero: Vol.1
2002 Ahora es el tiempo
2002 El encuentro (En vivo)
2003 Lo mejor de Marcos Witt III
2003 Vicente Montaño: Abrázame
2003 Dios de Pactos (En vivo desde Miami) CanZion
Sony Discos
2003 Música para una vida con proposito Vida Music
2003 Songs 4 Worship en Español Integrity Music
2003 Amazing God (En vivo) (En inglés) CanZion
2004 Recordando Otra Vez (En vivo desde Los Ángeles, California)
2004 Tiempo de Navidad
2004 Antología CanZion
Sony Discos
2005 Dios es Bueno (En vivo desde Puerto Rico) CanZion
2005 Alex Campos: Como un niño
2005 Solo adoración
2005 Solo adoración 2
2005 Christmas Time (En inglés)
2006 Alegría (En vivo desde Santiago de Chile)
2006 Unción Tropical: Seguimos unidos
2006 Alex Campos: Acústico: El sonido del silencio (En vivo) CanZion
2006 Hay una respuesta CanZion
2007 Sinfonía del alma CanZion
Vene Music
2008 Sobrenatural (En vivo desde Bogotá, Colombia) CanZion
Vene Music
2008 Songs 4 Worship en español: El poder de Tu Amor Integrity Music
2008 Mario Rodríguez: Derrama de Tu Gloria CanZion
2009[7] En adoración CanZion
Vene Music
2010 Sólo para bebés CanZion
2011 25 Concierto Conmemorativo (En vivo) CanZion
2012 Global Project Español CanZion
Hillsong Music
2013 Josué del Cid: Mis mejores días CanZion
2014 Sigues Siendo Dios
2015 Sigues siendo Dios (En vivo desde Argentina) CanZion
2016 Montreal: Más color CanZion
2016 Canción a Dios (Versión remasterizada) CanZion
2016 Tú y yo (En vivo) (Versión remasterizada) CanZion
2017 Jesús salva (En vivo desde Congreso Adoradores) CanZion



Latin Grammy Awards[]

GMA Dove Awards[]

Year Award Result
2005 Spanish Album of the Year (Recordando Otra Vez) Nominated
Spanish Album of the Year (Tiempo de Navidad) Nominated
2006 Spanish Album of the Year (Dios es Bueno) Nominated
2007 Spanish Album of the Year (Alegría) Nominated
2009 Spanish Album of the Year (Sobrenatural) Nominated

AMCL Awards[]


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